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With Fenaughty & Associates you can do more than complain about a conviction or sentence. When this firm began, it seemed that those wrongly convicted had little more than an appeal available to them. When they were out of time to appeal, they were often out of luck. Through changes by the state legislature and over many years of not giving up, this firm has assembled a list of options that we can take. These options enable us to fight the conviction, attack the sentence, modify the requirements of probation, or change a sentence to community corrections.


And that is just part of what we do. We also get older cases dismissed, seal records, quash warrants and quash subpoenas issued to news reporters, editors and others.


When your Colorado trial is over or your plea is entered, your trial attorney moves on to help the next client. But you do not move on. You have a sentence to deal with. You're also left with questions about the sentence, probation, a deferred sentence, and work release, boot camp, post-trial and post-conviction motions. We have answers to many of those questions.

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